Band Pictures

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Rare Earth:  

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Pacific Snow Band:  

 musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes) Murderer's Rows:    musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes)

Deacon and the Preachers:

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Maxine Weldon:  

 musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes) The Playboys:    musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes)
Doomsday Refreshment Committee (Vietnam & Thailand):    musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes)

Cheap Shot:  

 musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes) Russell and the Goodtime Singers:    musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes)
DRC II:    musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes)


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Ken and Sherri Duo:  

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Janie & the Cruisers:  

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Christopher David:  

 musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes) TR and the Untouchables:    musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes)

Nathaniel Jam Band:  

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Kenny Laursen Show:  

 musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes) The Sounds of Aquarius:    musicbutton.jpg (1403 bytes)

Other bands  (no pictures) include:

The Strangers, Opus I, Chris Morgan & the Togas (Partners w/Bill Medley), Paul Bradford, Pat Powdrill (w/Tina Turner Review), Gerri Iris,

A Touch of Class (w/Cat Adams - 1st Star Search Winner), Rebecca Holden (actress from the TV series Night Rider)