Doomsday Refreshment Committee

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In Vietnam - 1970

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In 1970 our band, the Doomsday Refreshment Committee (DRC), went to Vietnam to entertain the troups. We started out with me (Ken-on guitar), my friends (Steve Hyde-on piano and Skip Metheny-on drums) and my wife and her sister (Ginger and Margie Kane - dancers). Later we were to add 3 more musicians: Gerri Iris Bryant from the only other American band in Vietnam; Sammi Moutayapoulet [his name means mustard chicken] who played in Saigon with the Flowers, a Supremes copy band (when Diana Ross left the Supremes their lead singer left the Flowers). Sammi was a French Vietnamese Indian who listened to underground American music in Vietnam...  MORE FullButton.jpg (1243 bytes)

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