Kens Joke

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This joke is appropriate since I am a musician, a recording engineer and have bad luck!

A 57 year old musician who's spent his whole life trying to break into the big time is feeling very depressed. He's been turned down by every single record company in the country, and no one seems to recognize his unique genius other than his dog. So he dreams up an ingenious plan to get his revenge on all the institutions who've rejected him all his life.

He goes into a recording studio and instructs the sound engineer to record exactly what he says, copy it onto 1000 CDs, and send them out to all the record executives in the country. He goes into the vocal booth, puts on the headphones, motions to the sound engineer that he is ready, and begins;

"This is a message to all you sycophantic, talentless bastards who've ignored me all these years. I have dedicated my life to writing beautiful, emotive, soul-touching music, and all you wankers do is throw away my tapes and sign dumb bands like the Spice Girls. Well, I've taken all I can of your puerile, shallow industry, and it's YOU who've driven me to it! I hope you feel guilty for the rest of your pitiful lives! Bye-bye, murderers of Art!!"

With that, he pulled out a gun and sprayed his brains all over the studio wall.

The sound engineer glanced up and said "...yep, ..okay - that's fine for level. Wanna go for a take?"