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This wall mounted designer mailbox includes a FREE display backplate that you can easily customize by inserting any picture or text of your choice. You can print on standard 8.5" x 11" paper right from your home computer or create a collage of your own. You can change it easily with each holiday, season or event (click here for more ideas--> box_only_small.jpg (1782 bytes) ).

Materials Used:

Both the 3-D mailbox and the backplate are handmade from steel for durability and covered with 2-colored texturized powder coating for beauty. The roof is beautifully corrugated to simulate real tile. For those who simple MUST have the mailbox match the color of their house, all parts are removeable for painting or powder coating.

Dimensions & Weight:

The overall dimensions of the mailbox are 10.5" H  x  19" W  x   7.25" D.  The box is 18" W with a 1/2" overlay of the roof on each side. The backplate is 13.5"  x  11". The mailbox weighs 10 lbs. and the backplate weighs 3 lbs. As a rule of thumb, add 2 lbs. for packing materials. That would make the combination mailbox and backplate at 15 lbs.

Display Backplate:

The backplate easily attaches to slots in the back of the mailbox (no tools needed - it just slips in over the mounting screws).

You print out or create the graphic or text you want to display behind your mailbox. Your graphic printout slips into a supplied plastic page protector. Then you slide that page protector into the frame, between the backplate and another supplied plastic sheet. Change it as often as you like - after all - it only costs you the price of a piece of paper and ink. And it's uniquely YOU!